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hungry for change?

let our team cook for you.


food from home

At Uma, our chefs are drawn exclusively from the refugee and asylum seeker community, and we specialise in dishes from their homelands – from the most amazing Burmese curries, to fresh hot roti from Srilanka.


Uma runs as a social enterprise, founded by the team from Parliament on King, famous for their catering – and their small café on King steet.


Everyone in our kitchen is paid, or paid to train, so every order creates jobs and futures.


The kitchen is supervised by a qualified Food Safety Supervisor and most of our highly skilled chefs have one themselves.  


Our social enterprise makes a real difference to the lives of everyone involved. It’s real work and experience. It builds bridges of friendship and understanding that help strengthen our community, for all of us – it’s the change we all want to see in the world.


And best of all, you get some delicious food prepared with a lot of love.


Finally, we’d like to thank the team at Lendlease for making our litte curry house at Darling Park possible.


To find out more, book your catering or to get involved with the project, just get in touch. 


Hope to hear from you.


Ravi Prasad and Della Zhang

Project Founders.

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